Shaping Your World With The Right Word


We are a group of men and women who are bound together by our desire to make a difference in people’s lives.  

We are passionate about helping people discover and live their purpose, believe and explore their potential, and live a life that impacts others. 


To see people living their purpose and impacting the next generation. 


To equip and empower people to shape their world with the right word.


We believe that people have worth. They are valuable and should be respected.

We believe that we have been born with a purpose. 

We believe in the potential of people.

We believe in the power of words – that they can kill or give life. 

We believe that we have the power of choice.  We can choose what words we allow to shape our attitude and behavior.

We believe that we speak from the overflow of our hearts.  Changing what words will come out of our mouth means changing what’s in our heart. 



Shaped by WORD is about encouraging, equipping and empowering people to be the best that they can be.


We help people develop a growth mindset, that is, a belief that their skills and abilities can be improved.  This means challenging their thoughts, ideals, and perceptions that inhibit their growth particularly those that they hold about themselves.

We draw people’s values, dreams and aspirations to unlock the greatest treasures in their hearts.


People will have the ability to discern what messages they listen to, look at challenges as opportunities, persevere even when things are not going well, step out of their comfort zone, gain a sense of purpose, make better life choices, and respond to daily demands with a positive outlook. 


Meet The Woman Behind Shaped By WORD

Jenna eduarte

Jenna is the founder and chief facilitator of Shaped by WORD.

She is an international consultant, trainer, speaker and facilitator. In the course of her career, Jenna has trained people from Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, United States, Canada, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Russia.  

She is passionate about helping people discover and live their purpose, maximize their full potential, and live a life of significance.

Jenna delivers with skill, authenticity, empathy, and thoughtfulness and shares practical and life transforming principles.